Art Mag

Club Head: Jennifer Zhang, Crystal Cheng

Club Sponsor: Mr. Renk

Artists of all skills and styles will find a welcoming environment at ArtMag! We are Churchill's student-run and student-directed art magazine. We aim to create, edit, and write for annual editions of our magazine, and welcome all artists-- be it digital, traditional, photography, music, writing, or anything else, you will find a place at ArtMag to practice, hone and present your craft. No prior skill required!

Music Council

Club Head: Stephanie Kwan, Vicky Chen

Club Sponsor: Mr. McLeod

Would you love to help out in your schools music community? Join Music Council and help out your music department! We plan, organize and run concerts and other musical events throughout the year! By joining MusCo you'll gain valuable volunteer experience and get to immerse yourself in the Churchill Music community! We'd love to see you at our next meeting! :)

Library Decorating Club


Club Head: Madelaine Eaton, Katie Voth

Club Sponsor: Ms. McGinn

Do you love the library? Do you love making art? Join library decorating club! We meet in small groups at the library to create displays and decorate library spaces for special events such as Halloween and Christmas, to share our love of books, and make the library more fun! No previous artistic experience is required, we’re always looking for new ideas and we accept everyone that wants to join! Join Library Decorating Club Today

PAM Club

Club Head: Angel Wu, Wenny Xu

Club Sponsor: Ms. Kelly

Our club can combine the skills of photograph, the levels of styling design and the tips of being a perfect model. Also, we can accumulate the experience of cooperation and enrich your portfolio. This club needed at Churchill because lots of students desire to get the ability of shooting a satisfied portrait. This club will benefit Churchill by increasing students’ confidence in front of lens. Besides, our club will show Churchill’s positive features.

Modern Tetris Club

Club Head: Ethan Ho

Club Sponsor: Mr. Waraich

Learn to play tetris vs at fast pace with experienced players - increase your piece per second and attacks per minute on!

Zonic Dance Club

Club Head: Yanny Lam, Christina He

Club Sponsor: Mr. Pronger

Zonic is a dance club which is mainly focusing on covering kpop dances. Instagram: @_zonic.official 

Jazz Band

Club Head: Stephanie Kwan

Club Sponsor: Mr. McLeod

Brass and wind instruments welcome! We play jazz big band tunes every Tuesday and Thursday at lunch. Minimal experience required.

More Than Just Music

Club Head: Ray Lu, Matthew Lin

Club Sponsor: Ms. Dionne

Place where you can share the joy of music.

Writer's Circle


Club Head: Sara Yang, Joy Chen

Club Sponsor: Ms. Arnold

The Writer's Circle gathers young minds who are enthusiastic and passionate about writing.


Club Head: Claudia Chen, Lisa Terry, Bianca James

Club Sponsor: Ms. Arnold

The Writer's Circle gathers young minds who are enthusiastic and passionate about writing.

After School Film Club

Club Head: Charlee Granek, Lucy Dunbar

Club Sponsor: Mr. Chan

For students who are passionate and committed to the production & process of film making.

Art Community Club

Club Head: Stella Zhou

Club Sponsor: Ms. Jang

We are a community for students with various art styles to showcase their skills and connect with each other.

Art, Artist and Manga Club

Club Head: Cici Zhang

Club Sponsor: Ms. Holdaway

Club for student to share art.

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Library Decorating Club Image - Abi Thav
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