Book Club

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Club Head: Mars Cretu, Emily Lee, Jayco Li

Club Sponsor: Mme. McGinn

At Churchill's book club, we offer an open space to discuss and analyze books every month. We choose books based on collective opinions, and cycle through different genres in order to provide reading variety to our members. Every 1st Wednesday of the month, the club holds a meeting to discuss and analyze the book chosen. We are here to promote literacy and the development of literary analysis skills! For more info, please feel free to check out the library, our instagram ( @churchillbookclub) or email We invite any and all bookworms to come join us to share and talk about their interests with others! Those who are simply looking to do more regular reading or improve their literary skills are also welcome! :)


    Club Head: Steven Chen

    Club Sponsor: Mr. Renk

    Artists of all skills and styles will find a welcoming environment at ArtMag! We are Churchill's student-run and student-directed art magazine. We aim to create, edit, and write for annual editions of our magazine, and welcome all artists-- be it digital, traditional, photography, music, writing, or anything else, you will find a place at ArtMag to practice, hone and present your craft. No prior skill required!

    Origami Club

      Club Head: Leo Fang

      Club Sponsor: Ms. Morton

      Have you ever wanted to throw a paper airplane at your friend and realized that you aren’t good enough at Origami to actually fold one? I haven’t, which is why I’m here to teach you how. Learn the basic symbols and folds and then move on (or don’t) to more complicated ones. Fold animals that flap their wings, animals that don’t have wings, and other things that are not animals. Learn the skills of patience and precision. Hang out at the Origami club for a laid-back session that’s guaranteed to confuse and amuse you.

      Fan Fiction Club

        Club Head: Elva Wu, Lindsay Ren

        Club Sponsor: Ms. Jang

        If you are interested in anime, comics or simply just drawing, welcome to join our club! We will be sharing our paintings and communicating with people that shares your interests!

        Music Council

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        Club Head: Mira Jiwajones

        Club Sponsor: Ms. Dionne

        Would you love to help out in your schools music community? Join Music Council and help out your music department! We plan, organize and run concerts and other musical events throughout the year! By joining MusCo you'll gain valuable volunteer experience and get to immerse yourself in the Churchill Music community! We'd love to see you at our next meeting! :)

        Boardgame Development History Club

          Club Head: Haichen Lei

          Club Sponsor: Janice Lam

          Do you play any boardgames? No matter you are a pro or a beginner, you should know some history about them. Therefore, join the Boardgame Development History Club! Rather than playing, we would focus more on their past, motivations behind them, and theoretical analysis. There will also professional boardgame activities and videos be posted in Teams channel. You may have a lot of funs here!


          Our club meetings will be fortnightly. If you would like to contact us, contact Victor( and Peter ( Our Instagram is @swcbdhc. By the way, if you willing to join the club, please fill out this form We are eager to see you soon!

          Hargow Art

            Club Head: Yu Du

            Club Sponsor: Ms. Kobbi

            Come down to SWC Hargowart club (definitely not a rip-off version of Hogwarts) for our online live art activity, adorable club mascot NianNian the kitty cat, and stress relief! We do activities online weekly anytime& anywhere for they are completely based on MagicalDraw ( All you need is a tablet, or a mouse, or even a finger to draw digitally with other club members. Going through a bad day? We got your back. Get cute pictures of NianNian or bring your own! Here in SWC Hargowart club, we celebrate our differences in personalities, art styles, and interests by drawing on the same canvas. This club is intended to practice social distancing, connect isolated individuals through internet, and help students reduce stress from studies. Future plans involve getting profits from commissions. The profit goes to mental health charities and anti-COVID-19 measurements. (Disclaimer: Hargows are just steamed crystal shrimp dumplings at dim sum house.)

            Library Decorating Club

              Club Head: Abi Thavaraj, Madelaine Eteen

              Club Sponsor: Mme. McGinn

              Do you love the library? Do you love making art? Join library decorating club! We meet in small groups at the library to create displays and decorate library spaces for special events such as Halloween and Christmas, to share our love of books, and make the library more fun! No previous artistic experience is required, we’re always looking for new ideas and we accept everyone that wants to join! Join Library Decorating Club Today

              PAM Club

                Club Head: Angel Wu

                Club Sponsor: Mr. Watchorn

                Our club can combine the skills of photograph, the levels of styling design and the tips of being a perfect model. Also, we can accumulate the experience of cooperation and enrich your portfolio. This club needed at Churchill because lots of students desire to get the ability of shooting a satisfied portrait. This club will benefit Churchill by increasing students’ confidence in front of lens. Besides, our club will show Churchill’s positive features.


                  Club Head: CC Liang, Yanny Lam

                  Club Sponsor: Ms. Dionne

                  Do you want to compose your own music? Billy Joel once said, "music in itself is healing." Under the special situation of COVID-19, many people struggle to stay mentally and physically strong. Let's compose our own music and spread words of staying strong in Musicose! In the end, we will perform together and upload our music videos to YouTube. We are looking forward to students who are interested in composing music and/or writing lyrics. No experience is required.

                  K-Pop Dance Club

                    Club Head: Sandy Wu

                    Club Sponsor: Mr. Pronger

                    Do you like K-Pop? Want to learn some fun dances with others and make new friends? Join the Churchill K-Pop Dance Club on Fridays during Flex Time to meet others who love to dance! We meet weekly in the dance studio and cover boy and girl group dances. Please send us an email for further information!

                    Churchill Guitar Club

                      Club Head: Hank Long, Eason Zhang

                      Club Sponsor: Ms. Dionne

                      Churchill Guitar Club is a music club inspired by guitar. The club consists of the club itself and an indie rock band Hill Pink. From whom eager to learn guitar to professionals, musicians to composers are all welcomed by the club. In this club, we blend styles from different genres, teach guitar basics and taste music. Enjoying music with brevity at CGC. Join us for a new perspective on music.

                      Game culture club

                        Club Head: Qingyu Lyu

                        Club Sponsor: Ms. Gill

                        Play games and have fun . Discussing background story and historical contents.

                        Knit & Purl Pals

                          Club Head: Seon Jang

                          Club Sponsor: Ms. Sinclair

                          The club that knits things like baby blankets, scarves, hats, etc.

                          SWC Chess Club

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                          Club Head: Evan Musleh

                          Club Sponsor: Mr. Chrzastowski

                          Chess is a simple game: plan and destroy! If you love both strategy and chaos, you’re bound to have an excellent time here at the club. Looking for some competition? We hold tournaments weekly, and will keep you connected with special events outside of school. SWC battle ranks are also ready to be claimed. Hone your skills, play for fun and learn from Churchill's best players.


                          Contact us at to learn more!


                          But wait! Here’s the big twist this year: the leader of the club has decided to give their title to anyone who beats them in a standard 3-round game. Take up the challenge if you’re not afraid…

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