Student Council has been up to a lot during the month of October! Here's a short recap of the fun events that happened at Churchill this month:

On October 7, we had our 2021 Clubs Day!! Student Council is incredibly proud to see so many student stepping up to address real world problems as youth leaders. Check out all the clubs we have to offer on this website!

On October 17, we launched our annual Council logo competition. Thank you for all your submissions! There were many amazing logos and we had a difficult time picking a favourite… A huge congratulations and thank you to Megan Tsoi, our logo competition winner.

On October 21st, we had our very first Spirit Day of the year — the classic and beloved PJ day! Nothing like rolling out of bed and heading out for school without rummaging in the closet for an outfit. SWC showed up in their cutest, comfiest, and most cozy PJs, let’s take a look at some of our favs.

In collaboration with SWC’s Interact club and SWC Music Council, a sPoOky haunted house was hosted on October 27+28 with all profits donated to Foundry BC. An amazing kickstart to our SWC Halloween festivities!

Of course, we had our annual Halloweek!! With an array of Spirit Days planned by SWC’s Student Council from October 25 to 29, this Halloweek was certainly one to remember.

On Midnight Monday, an eerie filter was cast upon students’ typical coloured outfits. Check out the SWC’s very own Student Council rocking all-black outfits on the first day of our spirit week!

In acknowledgement of the beautiful fallen leaves blanketing SWC’s sidewalks, we had Fall Flannel Tuesday. Everyone came to school decked out in their best flannel tops, and even flannel pants!

On the windy but sunny Wednesday, we had Twin Day. We must say… it was quite the experience walking down the Churchill halls and seeing double. Maybe it’s really time to visit the optometrist...

On Thursday, we decided to bring the latest TikTok trend to our very own school. Anything but a Backpack Day was a huge success. The creativity SWC students have is certainly one that mustn't be underestimated. Check out some of these hilarious “backpacks”!

To end off our Halloweek with a BOO, we couldn’t resist hosting another one of SWC’s classic Halloween festivities: our Halloween CATWALK!! The perfect opportunity for everybody to see all the scary, adorable, fancy, and punny costumes displayed by students as they strutted the catwalk.

Stay tuned for what's to come in November!

During the month of May, we held our annual Vice President and Executive elections. On May 13th we held our Vice President Elections where Angelique Carrier and Arwin Atwal were elected as our Vice Presidents.

Soon after, on June 3rd, we held our Executive elections online where Iona Ng, Leona Lam and Pauline Wood were elected as our Student Council Executives.

Thank you to everyone who ran as well as all the students who participated in our elections. A special thank you also goes to the teachers who allowed their students to vote during class time as well as the office staff and Ms. Vey Chilton for counting the ballots!

On Friday the 23rd of April, grade 8-11 SWC students exercised their civic duties by participating in the 2021-2022 Student Council Presidential Election! The students of SWC elected presidential candidate and current Student Council Executive Jason George as their 2021-2022 President.

Student Council would like to thank all the students of SWC who participated in this year's presidential election, as well as Mme. Kung, and the office staff for helping run the election!