A fundraiser for the

Vancouver Food Bank

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Giving Back

SWC CAN do it!

Every winter, Churchill Student Council runs a fundraiser for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank which we call the Canley Cup. We do this because over 26,500 people use the Food Bank each week, of which 60% are children and the elderly. We partner with the Food Bank because every $1 we donate can buy $3 worth of food for vulnerable families. 


Last year, with a combined effort from both students and parents, Churchill raised over $9,000 for families in need, just short of 30,000 cans of food. Parents contributed nearly a third of that number through online donations. This year more than ever, the Food Bank needs help in providing food access to those who need it as the demand for the food bank has increased by 20% during the COVID-19 pandemic. We're asking you for any donation that you can manage for families that are less fortunate than us.


If you have canned goods you would like to donate to this cause, please send them with your child to school. We value any donation of non-perishable goods. Every little bit helps our goal, and all donations are delivered to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank the day before Winter Break.


This holiday season, let's support families around the Lower Mainland who need our help. Online donations are accepted here:


Thank you in advance for your charitable donations,


Sir Winston Churchill Secondary Student Council 2021-2022