Mental Health Network 

    Club Head: Emily Qi

    Club Sponsor: Mr. Johnston

    The Mental Health Network Club (MHN) is an inclusive group which strives to destigmatize the subject of mental health through education and support. We organize fun, monthly workshops based on the different mental health issues we are highlighting each month. Furthermore, we are also raising funds to support organizations fighting to help those with mental health issues through exciting events and activities. For example, don’t forget to join us for one of Churchill’s biggest events of the year: The Mental Health Fair in February. While we may all be physically distanced from one another this school year, that doesn’t mean we can’t still support one another virtually. Join the Mental Health Network and be apart of an amazing and supportive community at Churchill.

    Anti-Procrastination Club

      Club Head: Alison Yang

      Club Sponsor: Ms. Patton

      Do you procrastinate often? That’s fine, because Anti-Procrastination Club is here to help! We will be hosting online study rooms regularly for students to study together – Instead of being distracted by social media, you will be in a simulated online environment similar to the library where you can study with each other while enjoying a quieter and more comfortable workspace. We will also introduce discussions for procrastination-related topics and host lectures on how to be more productive. Everyone is welcome to join (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧!

      Youth Feminist Association

        Club Head: Aeri Choi

        Club Sponsor:

        Ms. Deschner

        The SWC YFA strives to create a safe and comfortable environment for people of all genders and identities. We hope to empower everyone in the school community, whether it is students or staff, to be and feel accepted with equal rights. The YFA wishes to spread awareness of the gender injustice in the world while also educating those on the value of inclusion and diversity. Although the feminist movement has made substantial advancements, school communities must take action to deconstruct any patriarchal paradigms present. By promoting the creation of equal opportunities for traditionally marginalised genders, we hope to demonstrate the importance of gender equality and the integration of feminist values. 

        Cantonese Club

          Club Head: Chloe Tang

          Club Sponsor: Ms. Morton

          Join us if you would like to discover more on Cantonese. The club is totally free! Students can learn one more language. They can boarden their horizons and are able to understand more when they are out. We will talk about slangs, history, songs, films, etc.. You guys can check on our instagram @swccantoneseclub and don't forget to follow:)

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