Mental Health Network 

    Club Head: Navroop Aulakh, Venice Kate De Gala

    Club Sponsor: Mr. Johnston

    The Mental Health Network Club (MHN) is an inclusive group which strives to destigmatize the subject of mental health through education and support. We organize fun, monthly workshops based on the different mental health issues we are highlighting each month. Furthermore, we are also raising funds to support organizations fighting to help those with mental health issues through exciting events and activities. For example, don’t forget to join us for one of Churchill’s biggest events of the year: The Mental Health Fair in February. While we may all be physically distanced from one another this school year, that doesn’t mean we can’t still support one another virtually. Join the Mental Health Network and be apart of an amazing and supportive community at Churchill.

    FBLA Churchill Chapter


      Club Head: Aaron Lam, Shayn Baghshomali

      Club Sponsor: Mr. Sowerby

      Spreading the ideals and knowledge of the largest student-led business organization in Canada

      Youth Feminist Association

        Club Head: David Li
        Club Sponsor:
        Mrs. Deschner

        The SWC YFA strives to create a safe and comfortable environment for people of all genders and identities. We hope to empower everyone in the school community, whether it is students or staff, to be and feel accepted with equal rights. The YFA wishes to spread awareness of the gender injustice in the world while also educating those on the value of inclusion and diversity. Although the feminist movement has made substantial advancements, school communities must take action to deconstruct any patriarchal paradigms present. By promoting the creation of equal opportunities for traditionally marginalised genders, we hope to demonstrate the importance of gender equality and the integration of feminist values. 

        Cantonese Club

          Club Head: Chloe Tang

          Club Sponsor: Ms. Morton

          Join us if you would like to discover more on Cantonese. The club is totally free! Students can learn one more language. They can broaden their horizons and are able to understand more when they are out. We will talk about slangs, history, songs, films, etc.. You guys can check on our Instagram @swccantoneseclub and don't forget to follow:)

          Productive Squad

            Club Head: Tom Li, Wenle Zeng

            Club Sponsor: Ms. Fleming

            It is a place for procrastinators to help each other. The Productive Squad is inclusive and supportive to all members of the club, and we’ll be there when you need help on your journey to better yourself. We wish to bring together a group of people who share the same goal: building good habits, becoming more productive students, and discover a better version of themselves.

            Schooling Fish Club

              Club Head: Ronald Lam, Lawrence Xu

              Club Sponsor: Ms. Puzio

              The Schooling Fish Club promotes awareness plus knowledge of ocean conservation through fun and engaging activities. Instagram: _schoolinfish_

              AP Prep Club

                Club Head: Aminah Shi

                Club Sponsor: n/a


                For students who are interested in AP classes. 

                Math Challengers

                  Club Head: Ellen Ge, Liam Ilan

                  Club Sponsor: Mrs. Tom

                  Prepare students for annual math challengers competition. 

                  Japanese Cultural Ambassadors Club

                    Club Head: Ravy Lock, Kento Otobe

                    Club Sponsor: Ms. Wakabayashi

                    Deepen the understanding of Japanese Culture and language through unique media and pop culture experiences.

                    Korean Club

                      Club Head: Gina Ryu, Yunseo Shin

                      Club Sponsor: Ms. Choi

                      Activities to learn about Korea and it's traditions and foods

                      SWC Medicine Club

                        Club Head: Shayan Bagshamali, Arshia Akhgari

                        Club Sponsor: Mrs. Tom

                        Encourage kids to learn about medicine. 

                        SWC Bike Club

                          Club Head: Sunny Jain, Jonathan Tang

                          Club Sponsor: Mr. Gill

                          The bike club does everything bike related

                          Korean Harmony Club

                            Club Head: Christine Lee, Katrina Payba

                            Club Sponsor: Mrs. Campbell

                            A place to learn both Korean and singing

                            Youth2Youth Churchill Branch

                              Club Head: Aaron Lam, Shayn Baghshomali

                              Club Sponsor: Mr. Sowerby

                              Representing the Youth2Youth organization by spreading educational materials or tutors to people in need. 

                              JAVA Club

                                Club Head: Cherry Tang, Jessica Liu

                                Club Sponsor: Mrs. Morton

                                Learn the functions of Java, do coding exercises and build mini projects

                                Book Club

                                  Club Head: Clarence Ng, Andy Xu

                                  Club Sponsor: Mrs. McGinn

                                  A place for like-minded readers and lover of books and support for IRP etc.

                                  Churchill Book Club

                                    Club Head: Minh Triet, Charamaine Lai

                                    Club Sponsor: Mrs. Arnold

                                    Book club to socialize and have discussions

                                    Literary Society

                                      Club Head: Aurora Xia, Lilian Shi

                                      Club Sponsor: A. McGinn

                                      Share and discuss books with others who enjoy literature. 

                                      Business Presentation
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