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Canley Cup

Every winter, we run a fundraiser for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank called the Canley Cup. Over 26,500 people use the Food Bank each week, of which 20% are children and the elderly. We partner with the Food Bank because of their purchasing power. Every $1 that we donate can buy $3 worth of food for vulnerable families. 


Clubs Day

Clubs Day is a lunchtime event that is run one day during September. Clubs set up booths across the lower field, and students and staff come to browse and sign up for clubs. Clubs Day 2019 saw an attendance of around 600 students! This event is a great opportunity to meet new students and get more involved in the school. 


Karaoke Cup

The SWC Karaoke Cup is a week long competition that takes place in the cafeteria. Each year, 10 students/groups enter to sing a song of their choice in front of a large crowd of students in the caf. At the end of the day, voting takes place online. The groups with the most votes advance each day until there is only 3 groups left. It is at this point an esteemed panel of judges critic and select the Karaoke winner! 


Halloween Dance

One of Churchill's biggest and most anticipated events of the year is Stuco's annual Halloween dance. Professional lighting, a paid DJ and vibrant costumes are just some of the highlights from this event. 

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