Model United Nations

Club Head: Annie Wang, Mayya Chaykina

Club Sponsor:
Ms. Patton

Do you want to improve your public speaking skills, make new friends and have an activity that looks great on your university application? Than SWC Model United Nations Club is the right club for you. But what is MUN? In Model United Nations, you will get to take on the role of a delegate in a mock United Nations summit representing a country of your choice. Then, you will be given a real-world issue ranging from an environmental crisis in China, to a famine in the Middle East you must work on with your fellow delegates to solve. In our club meetings, we will help you improve your critical thinking, problem solving and other vital skills as well as teaching you about proper conference procedure in order to make you a more effective delegate. Finally, you will be able to put everything you've learned into use at Cahsmun and Cahsmun horizons, 2 overnight conferences we attend as a school were you will get the opportunity to connect with people from schools all over B.C. and the U.S. and win awards(Conferences TBD due to Covid.).

Debate Club

Club Head: Maya Honda-Granier, Alina Zhang

Club Sponsor: Mr. Hauck


Do you want to learn how to convince people? Do you want to improve your negotiating skills? Do you want to learn how to roast, better? Welcome to Churchill Debate Team. 


As one of Churchill's largest clubs, we can help you improve your debate, presentation, and social skills! You can choose whether to be competitive or casual, competing in tournaments or just attending training sessions. Our team has gone on to compete internationally at tournaments like Oxford Cup, nationally in both English and French, provincially and locally! Extra sessions will be held if you need extra help or advice before tournaments. Weekly club meetings will be optional, from 4-4:45 every Monday and Thursday. Meetings are on Teams; if you would like to join please message “churchilldebate” on Instagram or any of the executives! We hope to see you there :)

Curiosity World Social Studies

Club Head: Jieen Yang, Jensen Cheung, Mike He, William Chen

Club Sponsor: Ms. Wong

Are you paying attention to current events world-wide? Are you an enthusiast interested in topics including but not limited to politics, history, and geography? If you are, please do not hesitate to join us!


We are intended to create an inclusive platform for all students who are interested in social studies to share, exchange, and learn from one another a wide range of related topics, especially considering the world we are in today! Under each topic, you are welcomed to blog-post, comment, and share your knowledge and understanding; we will also host Teams meetings for discussions from time to time! We are looking forward to seeing you!

Business Club


Club Head: David Zhu

Club Sponsor: Mrs. Chan

Business Club for those interested in attending both local and international business case competitions (E.G. Prosper, Fuse, JaBC)

Business Leaders of Tomorrow


Club Head: Amy Duan

Club Sponsor: Mr. Sowerby

We are a club that aims at giving youth leadership opportunities.

TEDy Churchill


Club Head: Anton Ko, Iquatius Nguyen-Tran

Club Sponsor: Mrs. Michalowska

Learn how to give TED talks and provide the space to do so

Business Meeting
Person holding a presentation