Grade 11 Candidates


Joseph Wu

Hi, my name is Joseph Wu and I’m running for the grade 11 representative for student council! I made the choice of running this year because I think it would be a great opportunity to help improve the school’s learning environment with student council and to have more chances to interact with the students from Churchill. Many of you know me as Jojo Wu, but if you don’t, well now's a great chance to vote for me and learn more about me if I’m elected as your grade rep! If I am elected, I’m more than happy to listen to any opinion's you guys have, or just to simply stop in the hallway and have a friendly conversation about anything. I am a really open-minded and friendly person and will assure that your opinions are heard and that you all have a fun and memorable last two years of high school. Vote Joseph Wu, it’s the best choice for you!


Bella Chan

Hey Grade 11 Bulldogs! Do you want an experienced grade rep who’s willing to listen AND ready to help? Well…allow me to introduce you to BELLA CHAN! You’ll often find her striking up a conversation with a peer or listening intently to a friend sharing what they did on the weekend. She loves to socialize, but you can clearly tell she’s an individual who’s also willing to listen! After listening to your questions or concerns about school, she’ll be sure to help out however she can. Need help with … getting your voice heard by Churchill student council? ...with a homework problem? ...or with getting set up with that special someone ;) ? Bella Chan is ready to help. Just let her know and she’ll try her best. With her 2+ years of experience as grade rep at Byng, she knows what it means to be a good grade rep. So, on voting day, vote for someone experienced who’s willing to listen and ready to help.

Vote Bella Chan for Grade 11 Rep!

iona ing.PNG

Iona ing

Hello hi! My name is Iona Ng and I would like to be one of your grade reps for this year. I am dedicated and approachable which makes it easy for you to provide me with your feedback! I made my decision to run because we have had around the same people each year running for this position. Although I believe that they have done a great job these past years, a fresh perspective can never hurt. I also believe that it can be beneficial. COVID-19 has created a distance between all of us and I believe that it is important to find different ways for students to engage and interact with one another. Voting for me would mean making the school feel like a tight knit community again, always listening to your thoughts and being proactive about it.