Grade 12 Rep Candidates

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Landy Liu

Heyo Churchill, I am Landy Liu and I want to be your “grade 12 representative”. COVID-19 has caused havoc to our regular school routine, especially to our grade 12s who will soon graduate this year. Many unforeseen uncertainty stands in our way, and I want to learn about any concerns you have regarding our new school systems; suggest any improvements that could be made to keep our senior year as fun as possible. I want to be the grade rep that really represents our grads, and hold a position that makes beneficial decisions for us all. For starters, clubs day is approaching soon and I will compile a list of all the clubs at Churchill (what they’re about and how they choose to operate during this school year). I will aim to organise extensive workshops regarding post-secondary, and our life beyond highschool, to make up for the missing the post-secondary fair that usually happens every year. I plan to organise COVID-friendly events and fundraisers to fill a great void in our school spirits. Here is a list of ideas of covid-friendly events that i came up with: online movie nights, art contests and many more! With all has been said, I am not working for the title, but I'm aiming for the role as a leader to represent us grade 12s.


Evan Musleh

Hello Churchill,


I’d like to extend a very special greeting to this year’s senior grade— My name is Evan Musleh, and I wish to be your voice as the Grade 12 Student Rep.


Running for student council was not something I imagined doing earlier this year. But then, COVID-19 struck at the worst of times. The immediate effects were absolutely devastating, and it broke my heart when we returned to school. Seeing the engagement and spirit we once had suddenly taken away from us, I deeply felt the need to fight back. 


I want you all to know that I’m here to listen. Being both a leader as a club head and a teammate amongst competition has taught me what it means to represent a community. Let’s make a promise: every action I take as Grade Rep will have your opinion considered—even regarding my own campaign promises. 


Why else am I worth the vote? Follow my campaign, you won’t be let down. For now, try to think about the things you want most in your last year of highschool— I’m excited to hear from everyone! Please lend me your strength.


Thank you, 


Shaan Singh (No Image)

Are you tired of being ignored? Are you tired of people not noticing your requests? Well, your pain is over as I am here to save the day.


Hello, my name is Shaan Singh, and I am in grade 12 French immersion. I am involved with the school through Tennis and working at the Dog pound. You might have seen me working there and selling hot lunches. Safety and fun is my number one priority. No one should be scared at school, and I will not tolerate bullying. I am a nice and friendly individual who likes to give back to the community. There would be giveaways for simple tasks to keep the community involved. For example, you get raffle tickets for every good deed done and seen from the admins. I always tend to stay positive and cheer people up, whether you’re down or just having a bad day. I am easily approachable and am always here to help. I am not only your Grade Rep candidate, but I am also your friend; don’t be shy to say “hi” to me in the hallways or to have a quick chat.


There are many qualifications for why I should be your 2021 Grade Rep. I try to follow through with any needs and recommendations that the students have. Many students want some change at school, I am here with open ears, and I am ready to take care of your needs. I will try to incorporate as many school events as possible while meeting the administration guidelines. I will do that by holding interviews with students or getting students to sign surveys to determine the students’ interests. I have learned many leadership skills from coaching kids in mixed martial arts. I have many years of experience through countless hours of volunteering and two years of PE leadership.


As your possible 2020 Grade Rep, I hope to help as many people as possible with any problems and inquiries. I will always give my 110% towards improving and benefiting the school and keeping my community safe and healthy. If anyone has any questions or wants to talk to me, I am always open to talk. Insta: Shaan_Singh_

Hey Grade 12s, My name is Flora Wu and I am running to be your grade 12 rep! I want to increase communication between council and the student body and try to introduce some new events to you guys this year. I am easy to talk to and I will always out you guys first. I have a lot of experience in a variety of different leadership positions and so I believe that I am the perfect candidate for this position. Vote Flora Wu 

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Flora Wu