Outdoors Club

Club Head: Emma Law, Eric Tate

Club Sponsor: Mr. Richards

Churchill's very own Outdoors Club! Join us as we experience the beautiful magic of the outdoors through beautiful forests and hills, chaotic snowshoeing through winter wonderlands, and camping under clear blue skies! Absolutely ZERO outdoors experience necessary, but be prepared for LOADS of fun and TONS of good vibes all around. Join us as we prepare to go camping at Mt. Garibaldi for the 19850315890 millionth billionth time! :))))

Zero Emission Mission 

Club Head: Satakshi Sing, Jeffrey Yu

Club Sponsor: Ms. Wilson, Mr. Pirie

Interested in supporting and encouraging sustainable transportation to and from Churchill? The Zero Emission Mission is the perfect place to help make an impact when it comes to Churchill’s carbon footprint! Focused on encouraging sustainable travel (cycling, transit, walking), we will host events and initiatives within the school to reach our goal of zero emissions. If you’re looking for a way to give back to the Churchill community in a fun, sustainability-focused way, come check out ZEM on clubs day!

Health Club

Club Head: Claire Huang, Andrew Chen

Club Sponsor:
Ms. Ling, Mr. Zerbinos, Mr. Chan

This is a student led club where we talk and practice about all things related to Health and Fitness. Our main goal of this club is to share our interests in health, fitness, being active as well as to meet new people, learn and grow as a community and team. Due to Covid, our club meetings will be online on Zoom and we will be discussing how to stay healthy and active, whether from exercising or eating healthy. Ergo, we’ll also create fun online activities to do and have fun contests and other events. In addition, our club will also discuss kinesiology-like topics. Whether it be about career paths or methods to improve health. Our goal once Covid is gone is to set up fun intramurals, sports events and more! We’re excited to meet you and have you be a part of our active community!

Bike Club

Club Head: Jonathan Tang, Sunny Jain

Club Sponsor:

Mr. Gill

Bike Club has everything bike-related. Join us on group rides & explore all of Greater Vancouver. Connect with the community during ‘Bike-to-School’ week. Enjoy all the different opportunities & resources available. And FREE Tune-up services provided by our leaders.


So, what are you waiting for? Bring your bike & let’s have fun!

Spikeball Club

Club Head: Kai O'Donnell

Club Sponsor:
Mr. Pears


Brand-new SWC Spikeball Club! Spikeball is an awesome new sport that has recently gained lots of popularity AND… it just so happens the PE department owns some sets! Join this club if you want to:

  • Whack balls super hard

  • Smack balls super hard

  • Learn a new sport

  • Meet new people 

  • Sick layouts

  • Spend time with your friends outdoors

  • Try and beat Mr. Pears (you won’t)

Come see what Spikeball is all about! We will probably meet once or twice a week in the Spring (when the weather is nice) during lunchtime :))

Ouroboros Platinum Dragon Boat

Club Head: Khloe Kim, Kimmy Yan

Club Sponsor: Mr. Klaasen


Churchill's Dragon Boat team for Grade 8-12.

Pickleball Club

Club Head: Brenden Chan

Club Sponsor: Mr. Chan


Join Pickleball Club with your friends or to make new friends and lear to play and get some early morning exercise before school starts.

Go Green 

Club Head: Emma Yu, Cynthia Song

Club Sponsor: Ms. Yu


An initiative to encourage Churchill students to be mindful about their waste and to give them a way to give back to the community.

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