Environment Club

Club Head: Rachel Worland, Kathry Liu

Club Sponsor: Ms. Sinclair


Environment Club this year will focus on the climate crisis and involving government action as well as being vocal and advocating environmental issues through webinars, media, public speaking. We will work on our own climate project in partnership with Be The Change Alliance as well as focus on revamping our garden. Join us for a welcoming community that is active, engaged, and impactful.

Join our MS Teams with the code: nu3757p

Meetings: Wednesday Online 

Kitchen on a Mission

Club Head: Rose Carmicheal

Club Sponsor: Mr. Habibian

Kitchen on a Mission is a student organization that transports remaining food from local businesses to those in need. Every week, we support the daily diets of over one thousand homeless people, and deliver over ten thousand dollars worth of food. To date, we have created $850k worth of community impact, and strive every day to add to it.


If you’re interested in reducing food waste, solving urban inequality, or simply building a healthier and kinder city, this is the club for you!

Interact Club

Club Head: Fraser Hannay

Club Sponsor: Ms. Morton, Ms. McGinn

SWC Interact is a service club, sponsored by Rotary International, with the intent to take action on problems we see in the world, through participation in both local and international projects. Students in all grades will have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, earn volunteer hours, work alongside business professionals, and meet likeminded people all over BC and the world! What separates Interact from other service clubs, is our connections to Rotary International, a globally recognized charitable organization in over 200 countries. Not only does this look great on a resume, but members will have access to many unique scholarships and opportunities, like world-class workshops and conferences, to hear from some of the leading figures in international change. If you have the drive to make a difference in your community, and the world, Interact is the club for you.

We meet every Tuesday at lunch in room 302. Follow & DM @swcinteract on Instagram with any questions!

Sign up with our google form:


Club Head: Charis Wang, Alysha Lee

Club Sponsor: Mr. Watchorn

As a branch of Lions Clubs International, the Leo Club aims to give youths the opportunity to serve the community and raise awareness for global issues. In the club, you will earn volunteer hours through fundraising and volunteering for this year’s cause: world hunger.


LEO stands for Leadership, Experience, and Opportunity, and that is what we want to promote at Churchill. If you are someone who wants to make a difference and is passionate about global issues, then this club is an ideal platform for you. As an internationally recognized club, you will be able to develop your leadership skills, expand your knowledge of the world, and influence the community around you.


Meetings will happen on Wednesdays, bi-weekly, during flex time on Microsoft Teams. If you have any questions or want to join the Leo Club, message us on Instagram @swcleoclub or email us at with your name, student number, and email.


“Together we serve” -Lions Clubs International

Churchill Cancer Society

Club Head: Heather Jia, Ipsa Dutta

Club Sponsor: Mr. Sowerby

The Churchill Cancer Society works closely in association with the Canadian Cancer Society. Throughout the year we plan on conducting mini fundraisers as well as raise awareness about cancer and promote healthy living to the youth of Churchill. A student-led event in the spring called Relay for Life will be the main event of our club for the year. We will provide leadership opportunities for students and create a sense of community for those who have been touched by cancer. All proceeds from the fundraisers and the Relay for Life event will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society. Join the fight to find the answer to cancer!


Club Head: Chang Qu, Alison Yang

Club Sponsor: Ms. Holdaway

Do you like animals? Do you have, or have you ever had a pet? Well, did you know that while domestic pets are enjoying the love of their owners, many abandoned and lost pets are looking forward to a new home and some are even suffering from torture? Also, with the development of cities, more and more wild animals are losing their homes or suffering because they can't adapt to the rapidly changing environment. If you are worried about the animals' situation and future, or you are a huge animal lover, or you just want to learn more about our little friends and neighbors, join the SPCA Club! SPCA club focus on helping animals, learning and publicize their plight, protect their living environment, and assist animals in distress.

Recycling Club

Club Head: Irina Fok, Timothy Huie

Club Sponsor: Ms. Watt

This year the Recycling Club will be focusing on educating our community on environmental issues and ways to properly recycling at home. Usually, our club would sort out the recycling around the school on Fridays. However, due to the social distancing guidelines, we are discovering new ways to operate. Meetings will be bi-weekly on Fridays. Hope to see you there!

Champions of Change

Club Head: Yasmyn Matheson, Moon Liu

Club Sponsor: Ms. Werner

We champion girls' rights in partnership with Plan Canada's Because I am a Girl movement. We stand with girls and young women around the world by helping them to reach their full potential. Child marriage, early pregnancy, female genital mutilation, gender-based violence and lack of educational opportunities are the unique barriers that girls have to face globally. We are joining the fight to end this. Will you be with us?


To learn more about our club's purpose, go to .


All gender identities welcome.

Click here for our google form

SWC Student Voice

Club Head: David Li

Club Sponsor: Mr. Lam, Mr. Levesque

Student Voice aims to ensure that the voices of students are heard in a way that is sustainable, meaningful, and conducive to positive change. With the end of COVID-19 in sight, we hope to strengthen the connection and understanding between students, teachers, and administrators by discovering communication issues, expressing their existence, and ultimately addressing them for the long term. Our plans for this year include a variety of projects that aim to bridge this gap, including our first student forum. We hope you’ll join us for our second year of making everyone’s time at Churchill a happy and fulfilling one.

Variety Club

Club Head: Matthew Lee

Club Sponsor: Mr. McLeod

The SWC Variety Club is a non-profit service club dedicated to aiding our community through fundraisers and service. Through our work, we offer unique volunteering experiences and unparalleled opportunities for leadership. Furthermore, all money we generate gets donated to various charitable organizations and causes - The Variety Organizations being chief among them. If you'd like to join us and our mission, we host weekly meetings in the auditorium every Monday at lunch. We look forward to seeing you there!

Service Club

Club Head: Karmen Chen, Daniel Zhou

Club Sponsor: Mr. Habbibian

We connect students with volunteer opportunities where they can obtain valuable experiences and benefits from our community. Follow our instagram page @swcserviceclub to stay updated with all available volunteering opportunities! 

First Responders Club

Club Head: Jennifer Lee

Club Sponsor: Ms. Chan

Are you considering pursuing healthcare or just want to give back to the school community? Join Churchill First Responder's Club! We provide professional first aid support to the student population and offer students the opportunity to take first aid courses certified by the Canadian Red Cross. Our team runs in conjunction with other high schools to provide first aid coverage at events around the Lower Mainland.


Club Head: Stephanie Feng, Isabella Lee, Sarah Baccay

Club Sponsor: Ms. Jang

Do you want to make a real difference in our city? Do you want to be a part of an initiative to help the less fortunate? Then join Vancare club! We raise funds and gather much-needed supplies such as hygiene products, hand warmers, socks and other essential items to create care packages to give directly to those living without a home in the Downtown EastSide. We recognize that a lot of people aren’t as fortunate as we are to afford living in a house or other basic essentials, so we take action to help in whatever way we can. We appreciate every single one of our members and all the skills and ideas you bring to the table. At the end of the day everyone in Vancare contributes to helping these people in their time of need. Join the VanCare club and make a difference today!

The Hot Potato Initiative

Club Head: Sarah Lin, Rania El Kissay

Club Sponsor: Mr. Richards

The Hot Potato Initiative is a student-led registered non-profit geared towards educating and engaging young Canadians about the realities of individuals dealing with homelessness. By educating others about the struggles our most vulnerable population faces, we aim to eliminate the stigma and stereotypes surrounding homelessness and promote empathy and understanding. Throughout the year, members will develop an understanding of how the systemic flaws in our society affect those experiencing homelessness. Stemming from the in-depth knowledge will be innovative fundraisers strived to help individuals get back onto their feet. As The Hot Potato Initiative, we value community, respect, integrity. By joining our community, members are given the opportunity to connect with like-minded people while simultaneously earning volunteering hours!

Key Club

Club Head: Leo Zhi

Club Sponsor: Mr. Sheih

We are a student-led organization that is a part of Kiwanis International. Our goal is to help provide service opportunities for the members as well as better the community and world, as the money we fundraise goes to the Thirst Project to build safe drinking water wells in Swaziland. Our meetings are held online depending on projects that are planned, and we have lost of fun club bonding activities while still earning service hours! By joining our club you can meet new friends from key clubs from other schools in the lower mainland and the USA during bimonthly events! There is an upcoming pen pal program with a school in Washington, and we hope to see you guys at our next meeting! Feel free to contact us with questions or concerns through out instagram or email :)


Club Head: Lila Robens-Paradise, Amihan Farrales-Parlan

Club Sponsor: Ms. Mushinski, Mr. V. Lam

The SWC GSA is a safe environment for queer students and allies to discuss and promote understanding within the club and our school. The GSA strives to create an online space where students feel that they can be open and express themselves comfortably. The purpose of this club is to create a community in which students feel supported and are given the recourses to educate themselves and others. It is important to us that that all students no matter of their sexual orientation or gender identity have a place where they feel valued, respected and heard. Check out our instagram @swc.gsa for more information about the club! :)

Aid for Addiction

Club Head: Ipsa Dutta, Rachel Shi

Club Sponsor: Mr. Watchorn

The Aid for Addiction club aims to raise awareness of the drug crisis prominent in Vancouver, as well as raise money for the safe injection sites for the betterment of our community. In 2016, a BC public health emergency was declared in response to the rise in drug overdoses and deaths, particularly in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. By providing clean needles, sterile water, alcohol wipes and health information, the needle exchange services help reduce the spread of HIV, Hepatitis C and other diseases, encouraging safer injecting practices. We can assist organizations that provide these necessities and bring attention to the detrimental impacts of addiction through fundraisers. Join Aid for Addiction to help and support those suffering from addiction.

Hugs for Health


Club Head: Yebin Kim, Sarah Baccay

Club Sponsor: Ms. Ling

Hugs for Health will aim to spark hope and joy in children admitted in the pediatric unit of hospitals in the lower mainland through personalized teddy bears.

Positivity for Patients


Club Head: Sunny Jain

Club Sponsor: Mr. Sowerby

Positive cards for cancer patients in the lower mainland.

Senior Caring Club


Club Head: Elva Wu, Chloe Tang, Lindsay Ren

Club Sponsor: Mr. Waight

We put on performances for nursing homes remotely.

Service Club


Club Head: Karmen Chen, Daniel Zhou

Club Sponsor: Mr. Habibian, Ms. Springer

A new source page for volunteering.

Animal Protection League


Club Head: Andy Wang, Jason Ma

Club Sponsor: Ms. Fleming

Our wish is to save endangered species and protect wildlife.

Boxes of Hope


Club Head: Carly Kwan, Luca Ruan

Club Sponsor: Ms. Wakabayashi

Student-led non-profit organization that aims to provide homeless youth with medical needs and care packages.

Make a Wish


Club Head: Yebin Kim, Sarah Baccay

Club Sponsor: Ms. Ling


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