C-Pop Club

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Club Head: Chloe

Club Sponsor:

Mr. Victor Lam

Cpop means chinese pop. We will talk about cpop and its culture during the meetings. Topics like dramas, variety shows, concert, dance,idols, etc will be included. Want to find someone have similar interest with you in churchill? Join CPOP CLUB to discover more and meet more new friends! Gatherings will be held if COVID cases reduced in BC:)

Unity Club

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Club Head: Jordan Hui

Club Sponsor:Ms.Mann & Mr.Lattimer 

We provide a safe and comfortable environment for students to express themselves, connect, and constructively release their stress and anxiety. High school comes with many challenges and stress can build up easily. Sometimes all you need to rid yourself of that unnecessary stress is a person or group to talk to, a space to share your feelings and thoughts. The Unity club will not only provide a place for those who need someone to talk to or require extra support with school work but also a place to connect with others and create strong and healthy relationships through weekly games, meetings, and activities. The Unity Club is also a perfect place for students new to Churchill to make new connections and hopefully ease the stress that comes with adjusting to a new environment. Our goal is to create a place to go to when students need extra support or just want to make new friends!

Reach For the Top

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Club Head: Alyssa Parker

Club Sponsor: Mme. Eades

Reach For The Top is a club all about learning and trivia! It's similar to a quiz show like Jeopardy, but you earn points instead of money. Reach covers many categories such as pop culture, history, science and geography. We have practices twice a week and games every two weeks against other schools. We also have the opportunity to compete at a provincial and possibly national level. This club is perfect for you if you like to learn new things, test your knowledge and make friends!