Introducing: This Week At Stuco

Weekly Article:

Student Council and Community Outreach

In the past, we have received feedback on the lack of communication between student council and the student body. This lack of communication was exacerbated by the advent of Covid, and we are taking steps to bring the student body into the fold on what the student council is doing. A large project we have recently undertaken is the development of a student council website, which we hope can become an effective platform to communicate future student council plans and current events.

We’re going to be testing a new section of the website that details what student council is doing. This will detail the contents of the previous student council meeting as well as document any events we run. Hopefully, students will keep up to date on our plans and give feedback and suggestions.

The mission statement of student council is to serve the student body, the school, and the Greater Vancouver community. This year, our goal is to shift from being a simple event planning organization into something more.

This Week:

1. Clubs Day

In lieu of our annual in-person Clubs Day, we have created an online platform (right on this website!) where students can discover the variety of clubs Churchill has to offer. From the Debate Club to the Dissection Club, you are bound to find something that piques your interest. We highly encourage you to join a club and meet some new faces in our community.

2. Grade Representatives

The votes are in! We are excited to announce that we have finally have the complete student council roster. We’re confident that these individuals will help create a memorable school year despite the circumstances.

Grade 8 reps - Alanna and Tasfia

Grade 9 reps - Wyne, Wendy, Preston

Grade 10 reps - Leona, Pauline, Roch

Grade 11 reps - Iona and Joseph

Grade 12 reps - Shaan

VDSC reps - Abby, Grace, Alexandra

3. Merch

This has been a long time coming. Student council is in the early stages of planning some bulldog merch. Keep your eyes peeled for some hot swag later in the year.

4. School-wide Among Us Tournament

We are working hard to prepare an Among Us tournament. Stay tuned for further details… Will YOU be the imposter?