Monthly Review: The Month of Movember

Movember is the month of raising awareness for men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and suicide. What has turned into an international phenomenon started out as a group of men in Melbourne, Australia in 2003 deciding to bring mustaches back into fashion with a purpose. The unpopularity of growing beards at this time was what brought this cause into the public spotlight. The Churchill Cancer Society Club held the Movember challenge this year and below are interviews that were conducted with a few participants.

Four minute interviews with four participants

Could you please introduce yourself and explain why you chose to participate in this challenge? Does it hold any special meaning to you?

Mr. Baker: My name is Joshua baker or Mr. baker. I think that it is always important to continue to raise awareness for everybody in terms of cancer research. I have an uncle who passed away from prostate cancer. I think that when you’re visible to young people it's important to be a leader.

Mr. Hauck: My name is Martin Hauk and I’ve chosen to do this and I was asked to do this by people from the cancer society club. I’ve done it in the past and the reason I’ve chosen to do it because a lot of people in my life have had cancer. it’s a small gesture and even if it changes one opinion, it changes one opinion.

Mr. Nicks: My name is David Nicks and I participated in the challenge because I think it's a very worthwhile cause. I do find the cause extremely worthwhile; it doesn't particularly have a person contact with me. It's more just because it's important to the world we live in.

Mr. Zerbinos: My name is Peter Zerbinos but some people call me Mr. Zerbinos. I had a really good friend who had cancer. He beat it. Two years ago my first cousin was young and she died of cancer. Those are two big ones. Somebody asked me to do something and no matter how ugly or awkward I look with it I had to say yes.

What would you like the Churchill community to know about the month of Movember? Why is this important?

Mr. Baker: I think with any month that we are raising awareness for certain causes it's just important to be mindful of how we’re approaching things in this world. To go beyond the divisiveness that we live in to continue work towards creating a better future for our world. Whether that comes from finding specific cures for cancer or raising awareness during Black History month or days like today Transgender Day of Remembrance things like that are important to just be mindful and recognize and we’re always working towards a better world.

Mr. Hauck: First of all, spreading awareness and raising money is important. I think what’s also important is that we have various shifts in our society where we talk about men’s health or women's health. I found myself thinking a lot about women’s health lately and not so much about men’s health. I think it gives it focus.

Mr. Nicks: I think that right now our attention is very much focused on health in a particular way because of what's going on in the world. I think it's super important that we’re taking care of the health crises that are going on right now but, I worry that many other things that are important in regards to health will be sidelined and forgotten at this time.

Mr. Zerbinos: I know this is about men's health but I'm doing it more for all types of cancers.

Who do you see as your greatest competition?

Mr. Baker: For worst mustache? [laughing] Mr. Salle has a dirty stache going on, Mr. Sowerby his mustache looks like he’s straight out of the 1970’s. Mr. Zerbinos has a stache going on but I think he cheated a little bit, I think he was growing that stache beforehand. I don't want to say that he cheated. I'm just throwing that out there.

Mr. Hauck: I don't see it as a competition. I just like seeing my fellow men look ugly!

Mr. Nicks: In this? Mr. Hauk. [laughter]

Mr. Zerbinos: Hauk. Hauk’s got a nice mustache. He’s got a beautiful mustache. Mine is just nasty I don't like it, it just doesn't suit me.

For those who aren’t able to grow moustaches, how can they support Movember?

Mr. Baker: They could maybe just tape one on? Wear a fake one. Donate to the cause or be involved in a group or club that is raising awareness. It's not just about being male and wearing a mustache it's like any other month we could all be involved in the causes that are important in the world.

Mr. Hauck: Donating money. It’s an important and pragmatic thing that needs to be considered.

Mr. Nicks: Certainly anybody can support by making donations it's not just about growing mustaches. I think it would be fun in a future year to have some of the female members of our community on a particular day wear artificial mustaches as a show of support and maybe do an event around that.

Mr. Zerbinos: For younger men or boys or women that can't grow mustaches just showing support by donation or maybe by posting something about this. You don't need everyone to grow it, you just need everyone to participate in whatever way they can.

*End of Interview

As Movember ends, the Churchill Cancer Society and Student Council would like to thank all the Churchill staff and anyone who participated in this year's Movember challenge. The key takeaway from those interviewed is that anyone can support Movember and all donations are appreciated. Remember that you can always support men’s health by donating to the Churchill Cancer Society. Till next Movember!