Big Bang Science Magazine

Club Head: Alina Zhang, Maya Honda-Granierer

Club Sponsor: Ms.Yu


The Big Bang Science Magazine is Churchill’s student-run and -created science publication! With a community of dedicated columnists and artists, we publish articles about science related topics and share them with the Churchill student body. On top of that,we invite you to join our science related trivia nights, daily challenge, and more! If you are interested in science or have a passion for art, or simply want to expand your science knowledge through fun activities, the Big Bang Science Magazine Club is the perfect opportunity! All are welcomed to join the Big Bang Science Magazine’s Microsoft Teams, where more details can be found about the club, such as how you can get involved, what activities will be rolling out soon, and more! We also invite you to follow us on our Instagram, @swc_bigbangscience, where we will be giving more updates and information for you to engage in the science community.


If you have any questions or want to join the Teams channel, send a message on Instagram or email us at with your name, student number, and grade.

STEM Sorority Club


Club Head: Grethel Serrano Rangel

Club Sponsor: Mrs. Tycho


Promote careers in STEM through interesting and hands-on activities for students to have a good time while learning and developing new skills. 

Marine Documentary Club


Club Head: Alivia Sun, Sarah Lo

Club Sponsor: Ms. Yu

Watch documentaries on Marine Biology. 

Women in STEM


Club Head: Jessica Martin, Keina Wessenberg

Club Sponsor: Ms. Paley

Encourage women to explore the world of STEM

Math Tutoring Program

Club Head: Linda You, Annie Cheng, Catherine Wang, Chang Qu

Club Sponsor: Mr. Nicks

Are you looking for opportunities to volunteer? Come to SWC Math Tutoring Program! The SWC Math Tutoring Program is a nonprofit tutoring program that provides free math tutoring sessions for students in grade 8-9. We are passionate about math and willing to help students who are struggling with their math. We are currently finding students in grade 11-12 just like us to participate in the program. We will be meeting once a week from October to June. If you want to participate in the program, please apply as soon as possible.

Do you need help with your math? Come join SWC Math Tutoring Program! We are a non profit program that provides free tutoring sessions for students in grade 8-9. We will be meeting through teams weekly from October to June, and we will be answering questions and helping with homework. Hope to see you here!

Chemistry Club


Club Head: Alina Zhang, Jerry Liang

Club Sponsor: Mr. Ho

Conducting chemistry demonstrations and tutoring. 

SWC Robotics Club


Club Head: Naomi Weissberg

Club Sponsor: Ms. Tycho

Learn skills, design, build and program robots using VEX parts and compete in VEX Robotics Competition

To Infinity and Beyond

Club Head: Markson Chen, Ravy Lock

Club Sponsor: Ms. Waight

Hi! To ∞ and Beyond is a math club for fun. Everyone, regardless of level in math, is welcome to join. There will be weekly posts and discussion of interesting math topics & concepts, and you will be able to share your ideas, thoughts, questions, and discoveries with others with similar interests!

There will not be any meetings; everything will take place on the Teams channel. Please fill the google form if you are interested in joining:

Astronomy Club


Club Head: Emma Dong, DIsha Patel

Club Sponsor: Mr. Klaasen

Astronomy Club is an opportunity for students at Churchill to explore the fields of Astronomy by attending monthly lectures given by professionals of the field.



Club Head: Kobe Chan, Leo Zhou

Club Sponsor: Mr. Habibian

A place to learn, explore and participate fun activities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Dissection Club


Club Head: Kesvi Preet, Regina Zhang

Club Sponsor: Mr. Shieh

A place where students can get hands on experience with specimens and learn new skills. 

SWC Unity Game Designing Club


Club Head: James Zhao, Ryan Fu
C\lub Sponsor: Mr. Shieh

Dedicated to promoting individual game designing with unity programming platform

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A Young Scientist looking through a microscope
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Chemistry Students
Kids robot
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